I Will Never Need More Than 8 Tracks

Personally, I need never go beyond a built-in smart phone, MP3 player or laptop mic, but that’s just me. Also, Oct. ’09 was a great time in the history of shed rock. The below album is proof of this.



The format that music is recorded in is an axiomatic feature of it’s overall character. That’s a loaded thought, and one incommunicable in its own way, unless already predisposed to the idea of format importance. I ask you who have not already accepted the idea then – what is the necessary mythos surrounding the “professional” studio, when the same result could be just as easily be wrung out of the hard toils of one person’s well outfitted garage? If anything, I call this passion possibly invalid or even bougie – though the boon of a good producer remains invaluable if you’re trying to create a polished final product – the fetish of the professional studio is one that exists only insofar as you can actually pay for it.

Without this precedent, the answer to any musician/songwriter without means to procure a working professional studio is to follow the old maxim…

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