Okage, Majora’s Mask, Paper Mario, and the Case for the Overshadowed Hero

I feel like Legends of Legaia deserved a shout-out, but whatever. lol


Imagine for a moment that you’re the lead of a narrative – but you’re not a lead as a lead would regularly be understood. You’re the front piece of a story that’s swirling around with you as a focus of it, but you remain distressingly… void of identity. Invisible. You’re lead regardless, Perhaps – but the rest of the world that the narrative takes place in hasn’t caught up with this point. To each NPC, it seems as though there’s an entire world and history that they’re the lead of, where their actions are the most important things on a day-to-day basis, and where the consequences of your actions are not of any real immediate consideration. Perhaps a passing, if rushed word if you make the point of talking to them, but not much more. It’s a wonder how they could ever be so ignorant to the importance of what

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